Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bouncing for Breast Cancer

Dear Friend,

The YOUniverse needs YOU to play a wonderful part - your part in an international FUNdraising FUNomenon - right here, right now.

Throughout the month of October 2008, Bouncing for Breast Cancer presents
the first-ever YOU+2 FUNdraising Campaign


In 2006, a personal campaign famously known as Bouncing for Boobs was born from the love & devotion of Priscilla Bokhara for her sister Kathleen, a single mom with breast cancer. It has since turned into an international mission.

Bouncing for Breast Cancer (also known as B4B) is a non profit organisation that provides single mothers living with breast cancer financial and emotional support to aid their treatment and recovery. Our commitment is to improve the quality of life for single mums with breast cancer by supporting their basic needs of life during treatment and recovery so they can focus their energies on healing and being who mums really want to be: their nurturing and loving selves for their kids.

Visit the B4B Forum on the website to get updates on this campaign and to read our story – http://www.bouncingforbreastcancer.org/


Ever wonder how amazing it would feel to be involved in an international record-breaking phenomenon for a good cause? Here’s your chance to turn your $1 into $1 million dollars right now…

Every 15 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Chances are you know someone who has had, who currently has, or who will have breast cancer.

By joining this international online, life-line record-breaking FUNdraising FUNomenon, you will become connected with like-minded successful & dynamic individuals from around the world whose passion is about contribution and creating solutions.

Take into your heart right now the gift you’re receiving knowing you will have significantly improved the quality of lives by donating just $1 or more.

Geometric Growth of a $1 donation


What can you do in the next 15 mins to improve the quality of life for one or more of our single mums and their kids faced with the most devastating, life-threatening and dream-crushing experience?

It starts with YOU+2. Following the Law of Compounding, simply donate $1 and inspire 2 people to do the same, who in turn donate $1 and inspire 2 people to do the same, and so on throughout Breast Cancer Awareness month October 2008. The table demonstrates how simple this geometric growth works.

It’s as easy as following this link and clicking on the donate button.

… then tell 2 people to do the same and forward this FUNdraising appeal to whomever you’re thinking of now.

Thank you in advance for giving others the opportunity to feel good knowing that they too have contributed to this worthy cause and FUNdraising FUNomenon!

Imagine if you were to donate $5 dollars, $10, $25 or even $100, what would the geometric growth look like then?

What would happen if you would inspire more than 2 people to donate?

How good would it feel to pledge this on an ongoing basis?


This money donated by YOU and your YOUniverse of inspired givers will help to financially support a minimum of 100 single moms between now and the end of the year. In addition, our team of mentors who volunteer their time will provide regular Life Mentoring to empower these moms with greater emotional resources.

We have a waiting list of single mothers in urgent need of help and now is your opportunity to support them. Here’s an example of how donations from people like you provided subsistence for one of our families. Joy faced with stage 4 Breast Cancer and her 8 year old daughter Holly were forced to live in a run-down trailer after Joy had to stop working due to the chemotherapy treatments. She approached Bouncing for Breast Cancer and thanks to people like you we were able to pay her rent for her new home, food and utility bills. In addition, Bouncing for Breast Cancer’s network of voluntary Life Mentors provided ongoing emotional support whilst she was undergoing regular chemotherapy and medical appointments. Joy felt that the steady phone conversations were extremely helpful for her and said:” I love my mentor and look forward to our calls each week. It really helps to find greater emotional resources so I can look after my daughter and get better.”

Thank you for playing your important part in the B4B YOU+2 Campaign! Your contribution will leave a legacy that will impact generations. What’s great about The YOUniversal Law of Compounding is that is also relates to the quality of moments we create for ourselves and others. It’s just takes YOU+2.

Love and blessings xp

Sunday, September 28, 2008

City to Bay fun run

Last weekend, Priscilla bounced through the finish line in Glenelg, Adelaide, dressed head to toe in her favourite bunny costume. Sweating but happy, she gave an interview to a local news station before hopping off for some well earned carrots.

Here's the finish line snap. Congratulations Priscilla, well done! You inspire me because you never tire to raise awareness and help the cause of Bouncing for Breast Cancer. Even if it means to wear fancy dress in the Spring heat of South Australia.

Simultaneously, in another part of the world: A herd of bouncers gather... but that's an entirely different story...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

B4B Upgrates

We have alot to update you on since December. Whilst you might not have seen much going on by way of the blog, like Santa's little elves, we've been busy behind the scenes to make it Christmas by providing essential gifts (food and shelter) for the single mums during treatment and recovery throughout the year.

I had in my schedule to update the blog. UPDATE....hmmm. Simply to update you wouldn't do justice all the gratitude we feel for accomplishing so much in a short period of time. Simply to update wouldn't reflect the amount of heart and love that goes on behind the scenes from the board and the people of the community. So from now on, we will give you upgrates instead of updates.

A summary of celebrations...
  • We are NOW OFFICIALLY as an Incorporated Association in South Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HUGE THANKS to our lawyer, Christine Jankus, who volunteered her time, her talents and love for the cause.
  • Thanks also to Ray Wood of ANZ Castle Plaza for his help in setting up our non profit business account.
  • Thanks to Mark Craig, Head Mentor and Steering Committee member for his ongoing support from the very beginning...2 years ago!
  • Thanks to Margaret Irving and Sue Jones to your time on the biz and development plans.
  • Thanks to Geeta and the B4B family around the world.
  • Thanks to the mentors that are coming on board to be Family mentors!
  • Thanks to my darling husband, Christoph for your love, support, vision, talents, flexibility, mentoring, bouncing, patience and commitment to helping me help others in the world in similar situations Kathleen found herself in 2 years ago.
  • Thanks to Kathleen for continuing her sisterly support for the cause and mostly, for continuing to look after herself into full recovery.
  • Thanks to Helen Zander for your book idea, inspired by the blog of the first 100 day campaign for Kathleen. Stay tuned...it will be published in the near future! More on that later.
  • Thanks to all who have donated to the cause, by way of bouncing, money or talents. (ANZ BLUE WEEK success to be updated later).
  • Because of all this and more, INSPIRES ME and keeps me growing and moving b4b forward. I am committed to this for the rest of MY LIFE. It's a legacy that I've chosen....or it's chosen me.
  • Also, we are grateful to be in a position to now help more single mums that need our help. Justina, is a recent mum we met. She is a beautiful soul and I've asked her to share her journey with us on the blog, whilst she gets her website together....Below is in an introduction to Justina and her journey...

GRATEFUL - by Justina Colon (one of our mums)

Not many people can find a reason to be grateful for cancer. Not many people are diagnosed at the age of 28 with stage I invasive ducal carcinoma. And then are re-diagnosed at 31 with stage IV metastasized breast cancer. I am all of them. I am also a mom to a beautiful 8 year old daughter. Most importantly, I am a survivor…regardless of the statistics.

I am now 33 and I live with tumors throughout my skeleton system and a nice sized one in my liver. I go for chemotherapy once a week. It’s a 132 mile roundtrip for me, but I find something new every time I make that drive. A house up on a hill hiding between the trees, a new car out of some high tech magazine, or just an interesting shaped cloud floating across the blue sky. This is all regardless of how miserable I feel or how badly my bones are aching. I have to because I am alive. I have a chance to appreciate those things even though I have no true understanding of why I have this disease.

Over the coarse of the two and a half years of dealing with this I went from a successful wife and mother with a promising bright career to leaving an abusive marriage, my daughter tightly in tow to a much better place…as she calls it, “Our happily ever after.” I went from making $40,000 a year to barely $11,000 and having to fight for my SSD benefits. I’ve now had to learn how to be humble and how to reach out for help. I have found my voice down inside of not only physical pain, but emotional pain that runs deeper than any abyss. I have also had to decide between groceries and the prescriptions that I need in order to just get out of bed on some days. I have had to decide between paying a bill or making sure that I have the gas money to get to my doctors appointments.

But I’m grateful. I no longer look at the trivial things in life and let them swiftly pass me by. I embrace them. I hold them close to me and inhale the aroma of another moment that thankfully I am here to have. And yes, the larger problems of life, like the bills, the buying of groceries, the prescriptions co-pays, and just being sick and tired of being sick and tired do hit me. They hit me like the ball a baseball player hits to get that game winning homerun. Those are the days I curl up and retreat. I wrap myself tightly in my favorite blanket and block out the world…once my little girl is off to school. And by that evening, desperate to be mom, desperate to be myself…I pull it all together.

So, I bake brownies or banana bread or these really tasty thumbprint cookies. Just a little something to remind my daughter how special she is to me. Also, to remind myself how I am blessed to have her, my only one, the only one I’ll ever have in my life. Just like seeing the sun reflecting off of the mountains in my back yard remind me that I am blessed with so many things. Things that I should and am grateful for.

This would not be my tale if it wasn’t for the cancer. I learned of cancer and the evil ways of it at only 18 when my mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Then she had her own battle with breast cancer and a few others until it finally took her when I was 25. Too long before she could see the beautiful granddaughter I would have that every day reminds me of her. Two years after that, cancer once again came pounding on my door. My father was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. Then at the same time I was diagnosed, he was going in to have most of his stomach removed from metastasized cancer. I lost him shortly before my own re-diagnosis.
Having seen both parents through it, the ups and downs, the remissions and chemotherapy, I learned much. But not until my own cancer did my eyes truly open wide. Then with my re-diagnosis they have been glued open, taking it all in. I am going through indefinite chemotherapy now. There is no end date in site…but I’m okay with that on most days. I know my pain level has decreased, my markers have gone down, and I am here another day with my daughter and loved ones. I take in all of the good, all of the bad and all of it in between.

They say God only hands you what he thinks you can handle…I myself think that he thinks I have pretty darn big shoulders. My name is Justina Colon and I live with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Just like the thousands of other women and men who also live with it, everyday. I am a survivor just like they are and I am grateful and appreciative for it all.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Joe's Bounce-athon

We bounced over 4.5 marathons in 21 hours…

Family, friends, passers-by, the Red Bull gals and the community joined in on the Bouncing FUN! Better than expected turnout and we beat our bounce goal by nearly 100,000 bounces. Goal was 250,000 in 22 hours and we did 341,486 in 21 hours!!!! That equates to over 218 kilometres. That’s right, we bounced to PORT PIRIE!!!!

Saturday- 1st December

The girls took the lead…

Girls: 93,863 bounces
Boys: 79,078 bounces
Total: 172,941 bounces in 11 hours = 108.63 kilometres

Sunday – 2nd December

The boys made a comeback…

Girls: 75,547 bounces
Boys: 92,998 bounces
Total: 168,545 bounces in 10 hours = 109.84 kilometres


341,486 BOUNCES
218.47 kilometres

A million thanks to all who showed up, despite the heat, holiday shopping, christmas parties and weekend commitments. We appreciate that people with full schedules chose to be there. We are moved by your generosity of spirit and interest in our cause.

Total money raised is still being calculated. We pledged to bounce 250,000 times for $25,000 and the community of bouncers surpassed their goal, despite the 39 degrees on Saturday and showers on Sunday night. Indications suggest the event raised $2,000 through fantastic personal donations and we’re so grateful. Now we need more sponsors to step up and help us meet the $25,000 goal.

Sponsorship forms have been created for individuals who want to bounce at home on their rebounders or in their back yards. Contact us for your own B4B Kit to help us raise the funds for single mums with breast cancer this holiday season. info@bouncingforbreastcancer.org

Above all, we thank the Velardos family at Joe's Pizza Bar for being such fantastic hosts of this event. The remarkable story here is about the outreach this family owned business showed B4B. They presented the idea of a fundraising event on the day I decided I would raise the funds to register the company and have extra money in the account to help the women and kids we're here for. All I did was drive up front of their shop one Thursday evening a few weeks ago and order a pizza. Whilst I was waiting, they asked me what was the logo on my car (which had only been done 2 days before, thanks to Andy at Studio Signs - see previous blog). In a rare moment when I was not talkative, I very briefly described B4B. Everyone in the family listened attentively behind the counter. Within a few minutes, they offered - or rather told me they would host a fundraising event for B4B. Angelo, the son got the calendar out and said, "Which would you prefer, the 1st or 2nd weekend of December?". And the rest unfolded as if it was already planned. The event was organised in only two weeks.

Little did they know I was in tears the night before after an email with my solicitor where I had more questions than answers. Setting up a company, learning about corporate structuring, the ins and outs of tax implications, is difficult even for me at times. Yet, I am committed to find the way, because I am driven with such purpose. I learned through my sister's experience with breast cancer, that single mums have a very unique and overwhelming sense of financial and emotional challenges they face when undergoing treatment and recovery of breast cancer.

When reviewing the videos of the event early yesterday morning, I noticed one small clip made of our living room on 4th November after a series of meetings we had over the weekend. The living room was dimly lit and Christoph was filming whilst I was on the phone. I tuned into the conversation I was having and the clip ended with me holding something in my hand...

...Then it came to me. It was 9:30pm and we were too tired to cook, so I dug out a new menu we found in our letter box. It was from Joe's Pizza Bar.

Sitting on the sofa in a post-bounce daze, I thought to myself how random it was that we had a recording of the first contact with this business. However, what was an interesting twist of fate was that the next clip that followed on our video camera is the Bounce-athon at Joe's Pizza Bar only 4 weeks later.

This is one of many examples in my life how life works in wonderful and magical ways, even though we don't see it. It's reassuring to say the least! Once a decision is made, events are put action and the doors of opportunity open up. The right people always show up at the right time. There are always answers to our prayers.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Velardos family - Joe, Paula, Angelo, Anthony, Lucy, Holly, Josey, Isabelle, and little Joseph. You were the answer to our prayers.


Priscilla and Christoph
On behalf of B4B family and single mums with breast cancer

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joe’s Pizza Bar proudly hosts a FUNdraising event
for Bouncing for Breast Cancer!!!

The Event: 250,000 bounces for $25,000…on mini trampolines.

Joe's Pizza Bar is hosting a weekend long bounce-athon. The goal is to bounce 250,000 times on mini tramps over the weekend to raise $25,000. Money raised will help go towards basic household costs for single mums with breast cancer.

We'll have two teams - the boys vs. the girls. Pedometers will keep track of hourly updates. Joe's Pizza Bar have even created a special menu for the event where more proceeds will go to the cause. Plus, companies are being invited to take part in donation collecting and pizza specials for their staff on 30th November 2007 during lunchtime. To join in the team spirit, call Joe’s Pizza bar for more info.

When: 1st & 2nd December
11:30am – 10:30pm

Where: Joes Pizza Bar
415 Henley Beach Road
Brooklyn Park

What started as a personal appeal has now grown into an international mission. It began when Priscilla Bokhara pledged to bounce 10,000 times a day on a mini-trampoline, for 100 days, to raise US$10,000 to financially support her sister Kathleen, a single mother of two with breast cancer. International media and public support for the world tour appeal was so great that a team of dynamic leaders are now committed to help other single mothers, faced with these circumstances. To learn more about the story and to donate, we invite you to visit our site: www.bouncingforbreastcancer.org

We're ready to register the company officially in Adelaide as a non profit organisation and are now fundraising to cover set up costs and raise money for single mums undergoing treatment and recovery from breast cancer who need help to cover basic household costs.

A big heartfelt thanks to the following companies and individuals for supporting our mission and making this event possible.

Joes Pizza Bar
Studio Signs
Christine Jankus, Solicitor

Call Joe’s for the best pizza in town, feeling great knowing your money is going to this worthy cause. 8443 4488 or 8443 4930

Come join us in the bouncing FUN, face painting for kids, the marathon Pizza Party and Gelatis to keep you cool!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thanks to Andy at Studio Signs and Greg Smith of BEA Motors in Adelaide, we have our own branded advertisement on wheels. You guys are gems!!!

The inspiration behind this b4b idea...

On National Breast Cancer Day in Oz, Helen and I took Bart (my Smart Car, a.k.a FUN bubble) through the adventure finding a place to bounce in the rain. What's fab about this little pocket sized auto is that you can fit into any space. PLUS, two folding trampolines fit perfectly in the boot - just as if it was made for B4B.

So I decided to offer up Bart for some advertising for B4B. The first person I called was my friend Greg, as he has looked after me so well since I bought my car. He's one of those guys that makes everything all right. His reassuring, warm and friendly nature is like a guardian angel. Yes, that's Greg alright. He promptly referred me to his buddy, Andy at Studio Signs.

Andy loved the idea and was keen to sponsor us for the decalling. He took all the measurements and we spent a couple weeks getting the artwork just right.

I went in for the 'dressing' yesterday. I have never seen anything so 'cute'. It's just so perfect. Mama Bounce is very proud indeed of our new addition to the family.

Think of the places this campaign will go now?

Above all, I am proud to know these gentlemen, Andy and Greg. They have such huge hearts and are such incredible examples of greatness in this world.

If you live in the Adelaide and need and signage for cars, business, or advertising - give Andy a ring.

e: ab@studiosigns.com.au
t: 0413 317 758

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

7 Sisters Story Exhibition - October 2008

Last year I visited the Flinders Ranges with my mom during a mother daughter bonding trip (turned intoThelma and Louise as we sung Tina Turner, Pink and Whitney Houston at the top of our lungs).

We had the most remarkable time and met new friends. Two in particular, another mother and daughter, Regina and Juanella Mackenie. They founded Yarta Arts, a contemporary Aboriginal Art foundation that exhibits its collections during the Brush with Arts Festival in the Flinders Ranges.

During our conversations, the topic of B4B and the Bush Bounce came up (see October 9th 2006 Blog). They were so touched that they offered to make a painting of the dreamtime 7 Sisters Story for B4B so that we can sell and use the proceeds for the cause.

What followed, was one of those magical moments of the B4B journey. When 4 women - mothers and daugthers- come together and share there dreams.

Storytelling is a large part of indigenous cultures and in the Aboriginal Culture, the 7 Sisters story is a famous one. Regina told us that cultures around the world also tell this same story. Then she suggested, "Wouldn't it be great to do an exhibition showing an interpretation of the 7 Sisters Story from different countries? All the proceeds could go to B4B. Afterall, the 7 Sisters could be the families that these single moms and their kids don't have."

This was a WOW moment that left all of us imagining what it would be like.

One year from the day we met, Regina, Juanella, my mother and I am proud to announce that B4B will be hosting the 7 Sisters Story Exhibition during National Breast Cancer month, October 2008. It will be held in Port Augusta, which is Cultural Centre for Arts next year.


Fountain Gallery
43 Flinders Terrace
Port Augusta SA 5700

Official opening 9 October at 6 PM

Exhibition Summary

This unique intercultural exhibition is a collection of the 7 Sisters Stories interpreted from artists around the world. You will find examples of artists’ work through paintings, photography, sculpture, music and mixed media. The local Aboriginal people of Port Augusta say this is where the 7 Sisters gather. Throughout October 2008, the 7 Sisters unite to raise breast cancer awareness and support for the sisters of the world. 100% of the proceeds will go to Bouncing for Breast Cancer and national breast cancer organisations.

Many thanks to Sam Yates at Arts SA, who was open to hear about our idea and totally supported us to bringing this into fruition. We look forward to working with you and Katinka!

Mostly, my love and admiration goes to Regina McKenzie - a soul sister, who has come forward to share one of her dreams. Only during our meeting a week ago, did she say that this wonderful idea is one that she has been wanting to do for many years . She became discouraged over time because when she shared her dream, others couldn't appreciate it. They didn't believe it could happen or she could do it. What I appreciate most about Regina is that she never gives up and she continues to find a way to love those who might not see her vision. She continues to hold onto her dream until she finds the person who believes in her...or they find her first. For me, this is a dream come true to hold an event for B4B and link it to international awareness. Through arts or bouncing, it's all about sisterhood and getting the support out there for women who need it.

On our way home after the meeting, Christoph joked, "Don't ever tell Priscilla one of your dreams..."

What's the point of living if you can't turn your dreams into reality, I say.

a day full of dreams to you!